Styles & Ideas for your fashion ecommerce

Dresseye enables customers, stylists and photographers to share their styles, looks and style board in the related product pages directly

. Visit How It Works for an introduction of Dresseye.

The above style list contains customer-added videos and photos, and customer-created styles using the Style Board. All the styles are related to your specific product. It should be added to the specific product page as shown in the following product page.

Florence Floral Print Dress

T Monogram Color Block Bucket Crossbody

Squishee Classic Fedora

Women's Square Sunglasses, 54mm

Nadia Draped Off Shoulder Dress

How to add this iframe to your product page?

The above style list view is auto generated as long as you provide domain, product ID and the style list key in an iFrame. It should be listed in the related product page in your app.

The source of the above iframe is in the following format:{Domain}&pid={Product ID}&k={Style List Key}


{Domain} should be replaced by your server domain.

{Product ID} should be replaced by your product ID or the unique string in the product URL.

{Style List Key} should be replaced by your Style List Key from Dresseye apps or website. How to get My Style List Key?

Step 1
  • Login Dresseye app, create an account if not yet.
Step 2
  • Select your profile icon on the top right of your home screen as one of the following images.
Profile icon
Profile icon
Step 3
  • Select My Style List Key. Your key will show up right there.
Profile dialog

To make iframe height auto resizable, add the javascript in this example to your product page along with the iframe. The javascript can be customized by changing maxHeight or minHeight.

How are these styles added or created?

To create these styles, select Add or Create button in the above iframe. It'll take you to Dresseye website.
You could directly visit Dresseye website or download Dresseye apps in Apple app store or Google Play store.
  Dresseye in App Store    Dresseye in Google Play
The styles added or created in Dresseye website or apps will show up in Dresseye website, apps and the style list view (iframe) as long as domain and product ID are listed in the In Stock list under the style photo.

To boost your customer experience and business, we recommand that your sales representatives Add styles into the Closet or Create styles with helpful comments using Dresseye Style Board for your products.

Here is the procedure to add a style item in the above style list in the, or Dresseye moble apps.
Step 1
  • To add a photo or video into Closet, select Plus icon and follow the direction to submit it.
  • To create a style, follow Style Board help and then select Save button. It will be saved in the Closet.
Step 2
  • Edit an In Stock product list. In Stock product list enables your styles to be displayed in a product page. It requires your product link address and image link address (or image). Your product link address determines where your style will be displayed. In Stock product list can be added, edited and deleted.
  • Follow How to edit In Stock product list
Step 3
  • Select Publish button to enable this style item to be displayed in the style list view.

How are these styles ordered?

These style items are ordered by date and ratings. We monitor them to ensure the quality of style items and list. It would be very helpful for your sales representatives to cast votes to improve the quality of the list.